Bullet time dating back to the 19th century , also known as frozen time, adrenaline time and time slice photography first got modern public recognition when box office hit movie The Matrix used it to demonstrate fractures in time... The effect freezes or slows moments in time allowing viewers a totally new way to view time and the subject in the rig. Back then using such technology outside of Hollywood was simply impossible due to the high cost of equipment and production required to pull it off! Fortunately times are changing and things that were once out of reach are now available!

360 Photo Booth is now available in Australia and after some solid tour time at events around the country it’s now available for hire. 360 Photo Booth delivers nothing short of the Hollywood experience and can be applied to a range of Advertising Activations, Corporate Events, University Events, Sporting Events and even Weddings and Birthdays. If you have the space we can help create the memories…

The 360 Rig comprises of up to 48 digital SLR Cameras in an elevated ring with entry and exit points for smooth traffic flow. We use film quality lighting to showcase the subject and make the 360 clip the best it can be no matter the environment. Our team is highly experienced, producing consistent premium results time after time, while breaking records for traffic through the 360 Photo Booth and uploads onto Social Media.

Social Media is the key to getting the clips out there and it’s the reason the amazing application e’Socializ was created. Creating thousands of premium top and tailed clips was one thing but getting them out there for all to see and share was a mountain to climb indeed but one with the help of e’Socializ we were able to concur. We now have the ability to register users through social media and push their 360 experience to an Advertisers Facebook page for instance. Here the users can view, share and like the hosts page increasing traffic and brand awareness. The application is ever growing and has an array of uses beyond 360 Photo Booth, it’s a welcome tool in the ever growing world of Social media content push and reach.

View the clips on this website and make serious consideration to include 360 Photo Booth at your next event. It’s cost effective, it’s a new way to promote and it’s an exciting content creator everybody wants to be a part of!





The ASUS 360 experience campaign was conceived to promote and engage consumers with the latest range of ASUS notebooks and tablets through the use of an 'incredible' experience.

The campaign engaged new and existing consumers, delivered a strong brand message, increased online talkability and delivered an 'incredible' brand experience. Consumers left the activation with positive brand recall, product information and bragging rights that were shared socially.


  • Brand awareness and consumer consideration
  • Increased social media engagement
  • Create a unique consumer experience
  • Appeal to everyone no matter what age, ability or computer literacy


We created a touring 360-degree photo booth that captured our audience in 'bullet time' much like the image capture from The Matrix films. 36 x DSLR cameras photographed the public pulling fun poses either alone or with friends and family. The captured images were edited together to make a 10 second video and a single still images from the video was selected to be the hero image. Each video and hero photo were uploaded to Facebook and YouTube instantly.

360 Photo Booth Process

Our process is fully automated from registration to uploads to social networks.

The app

People register via our mobile app. Staff issue QR code branded products to all users and they login to facebook.

What people get

User’s Family and Friends will see branded post. By clicking the post they are redirected to branded facebook page

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